Making it happen

So today was a productive day, in that I scheduled a meeting with our Social Worker to perform the Home Study as well as set an appointment with our lawyer.  Since the prospective due date isn’t until late Spring, the Social Worker suggested J & I wait until the first of the year to do the actual Home Study.  So we set a date and now we wait.  Seems like there is a lot of that, and the journey has only begun..  The lawyer came highly recommended from several families in the area, so I feel great about her, too.  However, she said that since the study isn’t until the first of the year, there’s really no reason to have her on retainer until after the Social Worker works that magic.

I guess I should be thankful there is a bit more time to get our affairs in order, and do a bit more around the house (like making that raised bed we’ve been wanting to and building a new chicken coup.  Might as well stay busy make improvements while we wait.  Too bad I can’t whistle while I work 😉

Just in the last 24 hours we’ve had 7 people donate to our fund.  Talk about an amazing testimony of people’s love and generosity!!!  We are no where near close to our goal, but we’ve only just begun.  Thank you to all of you who continue to check in and check up on our progress, we can feel your prayer and support daily!

I’ve contacted a couple people who have been adopted and asked if they would mind doing a little Q&A for the blog, so hopefully I can have some more perspective and a little more body to the blog once those coffee dates happen.  We also are talking to a few parents who have recently adopted in other states and getting a few “in-the-know” answers.

Are there any particular topics you would want to see addressed here?  Any questions you have for the two of us? Any advice from veteran adoptive parents?  I don’t want this to be a day-to-day journal, how boring would that be?!?

We’re engaged (2010)!!!

“Every good and perfect gift comes from above.”  James 1:17


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