Precious gifts

I knew this whole process would be full of ups and downs, possibilities, hopes, opportunities and fears.  Our journey to adoption started two weeks ago, today. We know the potential birth mother has our letter. We know she is considering J&I.   That is all we know regarding her.  Each day I wake up in prayer for mother and child; their health, her decision, their well-being, their future, and our hearts and home.  Each day I thank God for her knowing adoption will provide her baby a life she isn’t able to provide.  Each day I eagerly await the mail like a toddler on Christmas morning.   Each day I trust in His plan,  His timing, and His provision.

Then tonight, as I pulled into the parking garage at work, my phone rings.  It is a friend of ours who runs the Crisis Center in our hometown. She has been contacted by a judge in town regarding a two-month old orphan whose parents were killed last month and this precious gift has been tossed from family member to family member.  And now they have decided their lives don’t have space for him.  Our friend knows we are in the beginning stages of a domestic adoption, and asked if we would be willing to take in this baby.  Of course I said “YES!” without even talking to J.  So she is going to talk to the judge in the morning to let him know she has a potential home for this precious wee babe.  (No worries,  J is on board!) I am certain we will continue pursuing both babies. I have ALWAYS prayed for twins and this would certainly be close!

As exciting as this is, I am terrifyingly anxious.  We don’t have anything completed for this fast of a possibility.  Our home study is scheduled for January,  our lawyer hasn’t met with us. The funds are just starting to come in.

The nursery may only have 2 walls painted and we don’t yet have our baby library built,  but this mama’s heart is as full of love as could ever be!

J&I have been working on ideas for raising funds,  but those ideas take time to get off the ground.  We have the raffle for the farm house table I wrote about last week,  we’ve scheduled a chili supper and a silent auction for the Spring, and we are working as many extra shifts as possible.  With the timeline being expedited so much, those plans are still in place, but we would be forever grateful if each person reading this would love us $10 at a time, and share our story.

We don’t like to feel like we have our hand out, but we need YOUR help to #BringOurBabyHome!  See the link on the right side of the page; check out our site.  Share our story, and pray with us.

With love and thanksgiving,



J & G

Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”


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