Slow Progress

IMG_20141024_184029First of all, J&I want to THANK YOU all for praying us through the weekend!  I didn’t receive good news on Thursday.  Matter of fact, I felt straight defeated leaving her office.  She told me that the chances of us getting this little one were very slim, if that.  I immediately called J, told him, then called my praying sisters.  They, along with you guys, prayed my heart to a better place.  Then, God came through in a way that only He could; a friend contacted me and let me know that she knows the family, and she placed a call.  This was late Thursday night.  Friday I got a message back that she had established contact with them, and now we wait.  Again.

Although we still don’t have a definitive answer, we do have hope.  We do at least know who has this sweet baby.  We do know that the family members that have her do love her.  And they seemingly want the best for her.  We continue to wait, but with patience and acceptance.

We were able to spend the weekend together celebrating our love and marriage.  We even got to go to Homecoming at Razorback Stadium and watch the Hogs take a Win (finally!!!).  We spent Friday night on a patio overlooking the river, reflecting our last year, and our hopes and dreams for the next year.  Saturday we spent the first half the day at the game with good friends, Saturday night with another group of friends.  And then Sunday we had friends over for lunch and spent a couple hours catching up with their family.  Our weekend was full of quality time, and investing in intentional relationships with several friends – filling our “love cups” up, as our friend Am says.  It was the best weekend I’ve had in months and months!

This week we’re gearing up for our first big fundraiser.  The chili supper is scheduled for Sunday, November 2 from 4-8.  We’ve got great friends and family donating their time, culinary skills, and energy to help us make this a real possibility!  There will also be a dessert auction with lots of goodies, and I will be raffling off a coffee table that I’m building this week.  Our hope is to raise the funds for our home study that is fast approaching ($2,000).  If you are in the Arkansas River Valley, and would like to join us, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get you the details!

As always, thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement!!!


“I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, And in His word I do hope.”  Psalm 130:5



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