God is just SO cool!

God’s perfect timing and story are just too good! His attention to detail is immaculate. His love for us is undeniable!

We went into the chili supper with a goal of raising $600, which would finish out the requirement for our home study.  The people of NB pulled through, and we

were able to not only meet, but we exceeded that goal! By the love and gracious generosity of the fine folks of my hometown, we can check that amount off our list.  Phew (wipes the sweat off my brow!)  We hugged necks, laughed at the *pie auctioneer* (my mom), swapped stories, loved on kiddos, and oh yeah, ate some chili.  There were so many people that pulled together and donated their time and talents making BEAUTIFUL desserts, (shame on me, I didn’t get a single picture!), delicious chili and cornbread,  and pitched in with paper goods. To you guys, THANK YOU!

Cindy was a HAPPY girl that she won our hand crafted coffee table!

Cindy was a HAPPY girl that she won our hand crafted coffee table!

After sleeping late this morning, I spoke with my friend regarding the May Baby, and she told me she believes that door is more than likely closed. So I went to my source of comfort and author of my life, God.  I just asked Him to provide a way and an opportunity for J&I to be the parents HE would have us to be.  I prayed for peace and understanding during this journey. That HE would “guide, guard, and direct us” (as my daddy used to close EVERY prayer) to the child HE has in store for us.

Lo and behold, a couple hours later, my friend calls me.  The one who knows the family of the orphan in our town!  Out of the blue sky WeeOne’s guardian called her on a totally unrelated note, and B boldly asked her about the baby.  Guardian told her to have me call her, so I did!! I TALKED TO WeeOne’s GUARDIAN TODAY!!!  She explained their situation to me, and it is a bit chaotic at this exact moment in time.  But she is confident that she DOES WANT US to have WeeOne!  There are a handful of details, and a “wicked witch” sized problem, but my God is BIG, my God is STRONG, and HE is MIGHTY TO SAVE! Talk about getting on the phone and rallying the troops!  Good thing we no longer pay by the minute for our cell usage!

Guardian went to her lawyer today and started the process. She assured me she would call  when the details are hashed out.  Until then, we wait.  With glorious anticipation, we wait.

And now we turn our efforts to raising the funds for our attorney, $2000 is what we need. That is only 200 people giving $10! A trip thru a fast food drive thru, a venti coffee at your favorite spot. Are you willing to forego that bagel and cream cheese? That double scoop of ice cream? How about a bottle of nail polish, or that picture frame?  Will you be the next person to contribute to our dream of being parents?

If you do want to donate, check out the Donate Here button on the sidebar, we are set up with PayPal, or contact us and we’ll be happy to provide our mailing address!

With love and unending thanksgiving, J&G

G on the way to the NB Chili Supper

G on the way to the NB Chili Supper


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