Crazy what happens in a week’s time!

I am still in contact with Guardian.  Not much has changed on that front.  There seems to still be a terrible family battle, and we are waiting and trusting the Lord to protect WeeOne throughout this process and in these days.

With that being said, the past 5 days have been some of the most optimistic days of our life!  Last Sunday night at work a co-worker told me of a baby that is to be adopted out after the first of the year by a young mother who simply loves this baby enough to know she just can’t provide the life she wants for her child.  She is a mother already and knows deep down that the thing best for this baby is to provide an opportunity of a full life with a family outside her own.  I was put in touch with a family member, and we spoke several times throughout the week.  J&I met the birth family today for lunch, just to give them a chance to get to know us and determine if we are a good fit and the right family for this precious gift from God.  I feel like lunch went well.  J&I feel very positive and comfortable with the family; and they said their feelings are the same.  The birth mother was to get my contact information from her family and now we eagerly anticipate a conversation with her.

Heading to lunch to meet the birth family!

Heading to lunch to meet the birth family!

What do you say to a woman who loves her child so much she’s willing to provide a different life?  How do you ever come close to thanking her and conveying your love and gratitude for her and her selflessness?  How does an adoptive family even start to thank her adequately?  I’m not sure what the answer is; honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever have those answers! But we pray and we praise God for this opportunity.  We thank Him for her choosing life.  We thank Him for her choosing us.  We thank Him for her unending, total selfless love for her child.  We thank Him and we love him.  And we lift her up.  We ask for strength for her, comfort for her spirit, knowledge that her child will be so incredibly loved.  We ask that her heart be strong, her confidence in her decision unwaivering, and her assurance that she is making the best decision for her baby and her family absolute.  We pray for her, her children that are in the home, her parents and siblings and everyone else involved for their peace of mind and contentment in soul.  And we thank God again for this opportunity.

2 Corinthians 9:15

2 Corinthians 9:15

We learned a little more about her, and her hopes and dreams today.  We learned a small portion of what her life scenario is at this point.  And we saw, first-hand, how loved this precious gift is already. Our hope is that the birth family feels comfortable and confident in our love for this baby.  That they feel secure in knowing we are sincere in our dedication to our family, to our love, and in all we are.  Hopefully they feel at ease with knowing we will do all we can to raise this child in an environment conducive to happiness, health, self-confidence, adoration, truth, and security. Honestly, my guts are in more of a tangled mess now, after meeting this family, than up to this point.  But I have to shake that.  I have to live knowing and standing firm in God’s promises, in His faith, in His plan!

We meet with our attorney this week, so as of Thursday we will have the paperwork officially started!  There is much to take care of in these next 8 weeks, and those weeks are going to fly by. I will have a better idea of where we sit as far as fundraising goes after our meeting with her.  We are still planning to host another chili supper and silent auction in February.  There are tons of AWESOME items donated to the silent auction already: a hot air balloon ride, some primping for the ladies, some yoga sessions, original artwork by a fabulously talented painter, vacation packages to Branson, Missouri, a hand-made quilt, a beautiful piece donated by Cotton Dahlia (an organization devoted to helping women out of the sex trade) and so much more.  Keep an eye open for additional details.  Be planning to come eat some great chili, see some local entertainers, and experience love and community like only a close-knit group can offer!

As always, thanks for reading and sharing our story.  Thanks for your prayer, encouragment, and love.  And thank you to those of you who have so generously donated, and to those of you who are planning to donate!  Thank you for your interest in our journey, and thank you for believing with us, for our baby!!!

We will keep you posted!

With thanksgiving and love,



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