Learning patience

Each hour seems like a day, and every day seems like an eternity while waiting on that next phone call.  Patience has never been my strong suit, though the Lord’s been trying to instill this virtue in me since I was a wee child, myself.  I waited for a puppy. I waited to have my own bedroom.  I waited to get my driver’s license.  To graduate.  To go to college.  To graduate.  To start my career.  I waited to find my one true love (I was 29 before we met). And now we wait to grow our family.  And each time the wait seems as if it will kill me.  Yet, I always come out on the other side with what I was anticipating for all that time.  And always with what I was waiting for, or even better.

The birth mother has asked for a fairly open adoption, which J&I have agreed to.  There will be pictures and possible visits throughout the years, and the baby will know they were grown in one mom’s tummy, but in our hearts.  I won’t lie; at first the idea of an open adoption scared me. But, as I talk with more and more adoptive parents who have open adoption scenarios, my mind is put to ease, and my heart is a bit less anxious.  The extent to the openness is in essence up to the birth mother, so we sit and wait.  Not only for the next communication, but her solidified requests of just what her hopes are regarding this precious baby.

As we wait, I lean on friends and family.  If your phone rings more than usual, or your text messages are blowing up, it’s because my nerves are going 90-nothing and I just need a friendly distraction, or conversation.  I realize not all people process life the same way, and that’s okay.  Our differences are what make our world such a fulfilling and beautiful place.  We have been truly amazed at how supportive our circle has become.  How amazingly strong and loving our peeps have proven themselves to be.  And the generosity is just mind-blowing.  Our nursery is nearly complete; we have the crib and changing station, the rocking chair and dresser, car seats, pack and plays, cloth diapers and clothes.  We’ve got handmade blankets, and help changing out the ceiling fan.  I’m telling you, God is using this time in waiting to show me how truly blessed and loved we are.  It’s simply amazing!  If my nerves weren’t so wrapped up, the waiting would be a beautiful journey!

Waiting and loving it,



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