2 months in and vaccinations

Reading up and he fell asleep.  Sweet baby!

Reading up and he fell asleep. Sweet baby!

I still remember waking up to the text that changed our course of becoming parents.  A friend of many years had let me know she had a contact with a possible adoption, and wanted to know if we were interested.  I immediately responded, without even consulting J, and said YES.  Then when I talked to J about it, he of course said yes, too.  J&I had talked about the possibility of adoption for 5 years; we knew we both had a soft spot for children who need homes.  We had an idea of what we would want our adoption to look like, what we were willing to navigate, and waters that didn’t interest us.  But we (more honestly, I) wanted to first have at least one biological child.  I had dreamed, for many years, what carrying a baby would be like, how it would feel when my unborn child had the hiccups, to feel him/her kicking and doing back-flips.  I even looked forward to morning sickness and daytime nausea, swollen piggy feet and heartburn.

But God had different plans.  And thanks to my pal, Mel, the wheels got rolling on our adoption journey 2 months ago today.  At times is seems like we’ve been pursuing this for much longer than 8 weeks, and other times it’s as though the process has barely started.  As of right now, we have 9 weeks left until our baby’s due date; the birth mother goes next week to schedule the arrival.  Crazy.  8 weeks in, and we only have 8 weeks left!  Geesh, talk about a fast pregnancy!!!

Baby’s grandmother sent me a text this week asking me to “please don’t freak out on us. lol”  I had never been so thankful for such a request!  She calmed my nerves just by that simple correspondence.  I can’t even begin to imagine the array of emotion going on for the family.  Even when I try to empathize, my mind falls short.  My heart aches for them; I know, without a single doubt in my mind, that this baby is LOVED.  I know this is not a decision that is made lightly or without anxiety.  And I know this adoption impacts not only the birth mother, but the whole family.  And we are so thankful they have chosen us to be the parents and family for this little bundle of joy!

As time nears and the countdown approaches, there is quite a bit of commotion in our lives right now. I have my doctor’s appointment the first week of December, and the homestudy is scheduled the end of that same week.  We have consolidated and organized each room of the house, but I’ll have to do a deep clean throughout that week. There are just so many things to do!  Yikes.  But then, after our homestudy, we are basically sitting and waiting until she goes into labor.

Our attorney has started the parental paperwork, as well as guardianship paperwork for us, and she is working through all of the ins and outs of an interstate adoption.  We had a list of questions for her at our meeting this week, some of them she was going to have to look into state statutes and talk to family judges for answers.  We have our living arrangements situated and squared up for the window of time we have to stay in state, thanks to good friends and family for assisting in this requirement!

We are working through our options for vaccination schedules.  Honestly, though, the birth mother might have all of the vaccinations administered before we even have a say.  She has the right to make all medical decisions regarding medical care prior to leaving the hospital.  We would rather forgo certain vaccinations and spread others out rather than super imposing all those compounds into such a tiny little body.  What vaccination schedule did you follow with your littles?  Are there certain vaccines you have chosen not to have as part of your child’s medical care?  I never thought I’d be one to ask for other’s opinions, as I am fairly opinionated and strong-willed, but something about a little one just makes you want to ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep them the safest and healthiest they possibly can be!  Alas, we can’t keep them in bubbles their whole lives!


This next week is the last week of our raffle for our Farm Style Dining Table.  Be sure to get your tickets on the right sidebar!  Free delivery in the state of Arkansas or Missouri.  We are within $1400 of having our whole adoption paid for!  If you can, during this holiday season, give even $10, that would help us be one step closer to our sweet bundle of joy!

With love and thanksgiving,



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